dumbest man alive

bande dessinée fans PLEASE interact


i know the shading sucks on this but i literally dont care if i look at this any longer i will kill a man

Lemon Demon | Touch Tone Telephone

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pepto bismal off the shits

me on a brand new social media platform with an account i just made a few hours ago and posted art on exactly twice

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i am a ...

☐ man

☐ woman

☑ yee

seeking a ...

☐ man

☐ woman

☑ haw

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my bad leg has been tingling like it's going numb (except slightly more sore) all day and i hate it

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it's Still hurting !!

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take a fuckin SIP, babes!!!

trans rights are human rights

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if you don't draw ford in the most disgustingly loud outfit possible are you really living???

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dante's! a place where everybody knows your name if you're either a chronic alcoholic or you're a notorious scam artist people warn others about!

psychic asked:

hi i cant get over ur tags on ur reblog of that red/blue painting i did.... im deade thank u ...... :sobbing:

IT'S GREAT ART !!!!!!!

my bad leg has been tingling like it's going numb (except slightly more sore) all day and i hate it

psychic asked:

how long have u been playing the viola for 👀

3 years !!!

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Planispina's harlequin frog Atelopus planispina

© Luis A. Coloma

[researches elder futhark instead of finishing this goddamn drawing]

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looking for cool mutuals and blogs to follow!!

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like or reblog, heck maybe send me a message if you're into any of this stuff!

  • She ra

  • The Dragon Prince!

  • Moomins / Moominvalley!

  • Mp100!

  • Hatsune Miku!

  • Minecraft!

  • Brie Larson!

  • Gay rights!

  • Cats!

  • Art!

  • Worms on strings!

  • mAgic!! witches!! warlocks!!!

  • eating the rich!

  • long walks into the surrounding empty woods in the middle of the night!!

  • Tiktok memes!

  • That one picture of the crying cat being threatened!

  • Bee and Puppycat!

  • Frogs!!

  • Ghibli films!

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HELLO OP i have no idea if replys are a thing yet so im gonna rb it if you dont mind !

i am also into moomins, mp100, minecraft, gay rights, cats, art, worms on strings, magic, eating the rich, long empty walks, frogs, etc etc etc

i would LOVE to be mutuals !!